921-B Texas Ave
Kitchen open from 8 am - 3 pm
Monday through Friday
Phone: 915-313-4413



C o f f e e




double shot



double shot w/ raw sugar


$3.00 md 12oz / $3.25 lg 16oz


$3.50 md 12oz/ $3.75 lg 16oz


$3.50 md 12oz / $3.75 lg 16oz


(Chocolate Mint) $3.50 md / $3.75 lg

Slow Pour / Chemex


Charged Chai


Green Tea Matcha




Toasted Marshmallow
White Chocolate


Iced Mocha


double shot, 10oz milk chocolate, over ice

Iced Amaretto


double shot, 10oz cold milk, over ice

Iced Coffee


double shot, 10oz cold water, over ice

Italian Soda-Blood Orange


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite


Flavored Tea of the Day





Strawberry / Pineapple / Mango $ 3.75


Girl Scout Cookie

$ 3.50

Chocolate-Peanut Butter $4.00
Coconut Cream $3.75
Banana Pecan $4.00
Add on's $.50: Oatmeal, Banana, Flax Seed, Chai




Detox Juice (pineapple, celery, parsley, broccoli, cactus, orange)

From the Garden!

Ahi Tuna Salad


Mix greens, cucumber and jalapeños sweet/spicy vinaigrette.

Cucumber Carpaccio


Fine sliced cucumber, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, avaocado, spring mix, feta dressing

Chipotle Cobb Salad


Romaine mix, black beans, corn, bacon, tomatoes, cheddar, hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken, chipotle dressing.

Quinoa Salad Bowl


Quinoa, pesto, grilled chicken, tomatoes, sprouts, avocado


Baked Wedge Potatoes:$1:50
Grilled Chicken: $2.00
Smoked Salmon Rosettes: $3.50

A p p e t i z e r s

Soup Du jour

Cup of soup $2.49
Bowl of soup $4.49

Angry Fries


French Fries, Bacon Bits, Pickled Jalapenos, Red Onions, Cheddar & Mozzarella Cheese, Guacamole, Buffalo Sauce and Our Signature Jalapeno Sauce.

Ahi Tuna Sashimi


Avacado Chunks, Pan Seared Ahi-Tuna, Fresh Jalapenos and Poke Dressing

Jumbo Chicken Wings


5 Meaty Chicken Wings Served with Wing Dipping Sauce & Ranch Dressing (3 additional wings $3.50)



Totopos, cheddar cheese, black beans, tomato, jalapeños, guacamole, chipotle sauce. Add chicken $2.00, pork carnitas $2.50 or beef $3.50

S a n d w i c h e s

Podium Burger


6oz black angus patty, applewood smoked bacon jalapeno cream, smpoked provolone and a brioche bun



Carnitas, ham, bacon, mustard, pickles, provolone, french baguette

Philly Steak


Beef fajitas, spicy cream cheese sauce, french baguette $

Smoked Salmon


Everything bagel, smoked salmon, apricot preserve, cream cheese & capers

Loaded Grilled Cheese (LGC)


Ham, pepperoni, bacon, provolone, pepperjack, swiss, jalapeno bread



Whole wheat, turkey ham, lettuce, tomato, bacon

Primerib Sandwich


5 oz ribeye steak, caramelized onions, melted cheese, guacamole and marbled bread with a side of au jus

Portobello Burger


Stuffed portobello mushroom, marinated in balsamic vinaigrette, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and brioche bun

W r a p s

Hot Chicken


Chipotle wrap, chicken, rice, black beans, corn, tomato, pepper jack cheese, lettuce

Beef Wrap


Steak fajitas, rice, beans, jalapeños, mozzarella and pepper jack cheese

Turkey Wrap


Bacon, tomato, lettuce, avocado, cheese, bell peppers, pesto


Wedge Fries: $1.50
Avocado $1.50
Salmon Rosette $3.50
Jalapeno $ .50
Grilled Chicken $2.00

F l a t b r e a d s

Chicken Artichoke


Grilled chicken, artichoke, mozzarella cheese, marinated veggies

Chicken Pesto


Grilled chicken,pesto spread, mozzarella cheese, cured tomatoes

Chicken Chipotle


Grilled Chicken, spicy marinara, bacon bits, mozzarella cheese

Quinoa Pesto Power Bowl


Quinoa, pesto, grilled chicken, tomatoes, sprouts

The Contenders

Contenders are Served With House Salad Dressed With Signature Balsamic Vinaigrette. Add a Small Cup of Soup Or Wedge Fries for $1.99

Podium Burger


6oz Black Angus Beef Patty, smoked applewood bacon, jalapeno Cream, smoked provolone, served on a brioche bun

Portobello Burger


Fresh Morzzarella, sliced tomatoes, signature balsamic vinaigrette. Stuffed into a large meaty portobello mushroom served on a brioche bun

Loaded Grilled Cheese (LGC)


Ham, swiss, provolone, bacon mixed and melted served on toasted jalapeno bread
add chicken $2.00, porn carnitas $2.50, beef $3.50

The Best Veggie Grilled Cheese


Grilled Tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, spinach, mozzarella cheese & spicy marinara set on lightly toasted jalapeno bread

Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwich


Lightly toasted everything bagel, smoked salmon, cream cheese, apricot preserves and capers

Philly Cheese Steak


Toasted french baguette, topped with beef fajitas, spicy cream cheese sauce

Primerib Sandwhich


Marbled rye bread topped with 5oz ribeye steak, carmelized onions, melted cheese and avacado

Classic Turkey Sandwhich


Whole wheat bread stacked with sliced turkey, tomato, bacon and lettuce
Add avacado $1.50 Jalapeno $.50

The Islander


Carnitas, ham, bacon, mustard, pickles, provolone, served on a toasted french baguette