Bike Fit Studio In El Paso, TX

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People spend hundred of hours in the saddle each year, imagine being able to spend all those hours on the bike with little pain, faster, more comfortable....our bike fit studio can help you find the perfect bike fit for you!

Why? Our professional Bike Fitter has over 3000 hours of Bike Fit experience as well as more than 10,000 hours riding and racing bicycles, more importantly, our Fitter has countless hours of educations from two of the best Bike Fit schools in the US.

As well, we have a professional Bike Fit Studio, equipped with the latest tools, cameras, lasers and software to offer you the most accurate Bike Fit in the Region.

Static Bike Fit

We fit the bike and your equipment to your body.

  • Expert cleat positioning
  • Saddle height established
  • Saddle setback established
  • Reach established
  • Drop established
  • Final bike measurements are recorded and emailed
  • Recommendations
  • Follow up

Pricing $125 / $150

Dynamic Bike Fit

Goal-oriented analysis through advanced software providing the most accurate Fit possible.

  • Rider interview & goal discussion
  • Starting with your feet. After a thorough analysis of the rider's feet, gait and strength, the cleats are placed on the shoe
  • Saddle height, setback and reach are established on fit cycle using high precision cameras, lasers and state of the art motion analysis software
  • Handlebar drop
  • Aerodynamics are considered
  • Final assessment
  • Recommendations
  • Follow up

Pricing $300 / $350

Cleat Fitting

Need to set up brand new shoes?

We offer a service to get your cleats placed in the optimum position underfoot. With a few simple measurements and a half hour of time we can get you on your way. This is also the perfect services to match one pair of cycling shoes to another. Millimeters make the difference and you'd be selling your cycling short not to have ALL of your cycling shoes set up identically.

Pricing $25

Bike Matching

AGAIN...millimeters make the difference.

You do NOT have to compromise. Our bike matching service can make all of your bikes fit exactly the same. Get a fit on your favorite bike and bring your backup bike to be set up exactly the same: match saddle height, setback, reach and drop. Every bike can fit exactly the same. No compromises.

Pricing $25 - $50