921-B Texas Ave
Kitchen open from 9 am - 3:30 pm
Monday through Friday
Phone: 915-313-4413

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C o f f e e




double shot



double shot w/ raw sugar



double shot w/ 6oz steamed milk



double shot w/ 6oz steamed milk & chocolate mint



double shot w/ 10oz water



double shot w/ 10 steamed milk

Charged Chai


single shot w/ spiced chai



double shot & 1oz of steamed milk



Vanilla Bean
Salted Caramel
Pumpkin Spice
White Chocolate


Iced Mocha


double shot, 10oz milk chocolate, over ice

Iced Amaretto


double shot, 10oz cold milk, over ice

Iced Coffee


double shot, 10oz cold water, over ice

From the Garden!

Tropical Mix Salad


Pineapple, oranges, strawberries, lettuce mix, tajin dressing

Cucumber Carpaccio $6.00


Fine sliced cucumber, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, avocado, spring mix, feta dressing

Chipotle Cobb Salad


Romaine mix, black beans, corn, bacon, tomatoes, cheddar, hard boiled eggs, grilled chicken, and chipotle dressing.


Baked Wedge Potatoes:$1:50
Grilled Chicken: $2.00
Smoked Salmon Rosettes: $3.50

A p p e t i z e r s

Jumbo Chicken Wings


5 baked giant chicken wings, jalapeno or regular ranch.

Pork Nachos


Totopos, cheddar cheese, black beans, tomato, jalapeƱos, guacamole, chipotle sauce and pork carnitas.

S a n d w i c h e s



Carnitas, ham, bacon, mustard, pickles, provolone, french baguette

Philly Steak


Beef fajitas, spicy cream cheese sauce, french baguette

Smoked Salmon


Everything bagel, smoked salmon, apricot preserve, cream cheese & capers

Loaded Grilled Cheese (LGC)


Ham, pepperoni, bacon, provolone, pepperjack, swiss, jalapeno bread



Whole wheat, turkey ham, lettuce, tomato, bacon

Lonche de Ribeye


5 oz ribeye steak, caramelized onions, melted cheese, guacamole and marbled bread with a side of au jus

Portobello Burger


W r a p s

Hot Chicken


Chipotle wrap, chicken, rice, black beans, corn, tomato, pepper jack cheese, lettuce

Beef Wrap


Steak fajitas, rice, beans, jalapenos, mozzarella and pepperjack cheese

Special Wrap


Chicken and beef fajitas, rice, jalapenos, tomatoes, onions, cotija, and mozzarella cheese

F l a t b r e a d s

Chicken Artichoke


Grilled chicken, artichoke, mozzarella cheese, marinated veggies

Chicken Pesto


Grilled chicken, pesto spread, mozzarella cheese, cured tomatoes

Chicken Chipotle


Grilled Chicken, spicy marinara, bacon bits, mozzarella cheese